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WorkTrak On-premise

Why WorkTrak On-premise?

If your company has a strict data compliance policy and expects complete isolation of production networks from external unsecured networks such as the internet then the WorkTrak On-Premise solution is just made for you.

The on-premise version of our software sports all the features which we offer in the cloud edition of WorkTrak. Our on-premise solution can be deployed quickly without major IT hardware infrastructure and intervention.

If you want to have employee monitoring without using cloud technology, WorkTrak On-Premise is for you!

WorkTrak - On-Premise architecture

Solution Architecture

  • ✓  Client server mode. Minimal bandwidth usage

  • ✓  No external dependency to operate

  • ✓  Built on Microsoft .Net Platform

  • ✓  Highly scalable MongoDB database for backend

Worktrak on-premise - Licensing

Perpetual Licensing

  • ✓  Own your WorkTrak license permanently

  • ✓  One server instance supports 1000s of nodes

  • ✓  Robust database with zero maintenance

  • ✓  Uses connection-oriented TCP communication

Worktrak on-premise - Application Monitoring

Application and CPU usage monitoring

Effortlessly monitor the application and CPU usage by your employees. Details such as time spent on each application are accurately calculated and displayed graphically.

Select a team, select the date range, click go... instant analytical representation of the application usage patterns is right before you.

Worktrak on-premise - Website usage monitoring

Websites usage tracking

Similarly, this option lets you have a view of the website's usage pattern of your employees. Typically used to analyze the browsing patterns of your digital assets team and other use cases.

Again, it's as simple as selecting a team, selecting the date range, and clicking the go button... instant analytical representation of the website's usage patterns is presented quickly for you.

Worktrak on-premise - Attendance tracking and reporting

Attendance reporting

With this option, you get to know the login and logout times of each employee with the accuracy of a minute. This report is very useful for the human resource team for payroll generation.

Using this report along with the reports from your access control system could give a clear idea of the entry and exit patterns of your employees. Team-wise attendance break-up is an advantage.

Worktrak on-premise - Active and idle time reporting

Active and idle time reporting

This feature of the Worktrak on-premise edition helps you in identifying the active and idle time of your employees by the hour of the day. A glance at this report will empower you with an idea of the hour of the day during which your employee's productivity is at peak and when it's not.

An extremely useful option to make strategic changes in the working ambiance or style to increase the overall productivity. A simple shift in the break timing during the hour with the highest idle time could help increase productivity.

Worktrak on-premise - Active and idle timeline

Active and idle timeline view

This feature is designed to help you in understanding the active and idle timeline pattern of a selected employee. The graphical view displays the active and idle time with a minute-by-minute accuracy.

An option that could prove very useful when you doubt an employee's productivity. Helps you understand the loss of productivity and take corrective steps.

Worktrak on-premise - Productivity analytics

One click productivity analytics

One click productivity analysis offered by WorkTrak On-Premise would be able to pinpoint the efficiency of your team based on the websites and applications they use.

By defining productive software applications and websites you can easily find out the usage patterns and efficiency of your workforce.

Worktrak on-premise - Active and idle timeline
Defining productive and non-productive activity

Scan the database, select the productive and non-productive websites and applications, add them to the list. You are ready to analyze the productivity of your employees.

Using this option you would be able to understand how much productive time is being put in by your employees.

Worktrak on-premise - Minimum system requirements

Minimum system requirements

Windows 10 and above for WorkTrak server instance

Windows 7 32/64bit and above for client stations

20 GB storage space can hold upto 6 months data of 1000 clients

Windows 7 32/64bit and above for client stations

.Net 4.5 and above for clients and .Net 4.6 for WorkTrak Server.

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