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Why WorkTrak?

Tracking your employee’s work is of utmost importance that can foster the growth of the company. WorkTrak is a SaaS product that provides global real-time analytics reports on the productivity of the employee. Application and website blocker is the powerful feature of WorkTrak that allows the managers to block the malicious websites that can be a threat for the organization.

Make an impactful team by getting acquainted with the credibility of the employees.Help your team to deal with any perturbations .Worktrak guides you to make critical decisions to make an active,adaptable and successful team by daily monitoring of employees. Revamp your workplace productivity.

WorkTrak is a cloud-based user-friendly, fast navigation and secured platform that respects the privacy of the organization. It could prove to be one of the best productivity tracker for your tracking team.


Time Tracking
Time Tracking - workTrak

Time Tracking

Comprehensive monitoring of user activity can be tracked with our employee tracking software. Boost your productivity by analyzing time tracker reports and generating automated timesheets. You have the power to track the online time of your employees instantaneously.

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Web / App Monitoring
Web / App Monitoring - workTrak

Web / App Monitoring

Real time monitoring of applications and websites installed and visited by the employees, recording the usage times.Uncover the user behavior analytics to enhance operational efficiencies of the employee.

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Screenshots Recording
Screenshots Recording - workTrak

Screenshots Recording

An all-inclusive screenshots of the user’s desktop are recorded at definite time intervals. Review the user’s daily work at a granular level.

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Insider Threat Detection
Insider threat detection - workTrak

Insider Threat Detection

Block the applications and websites that can be detrimental for your company. Secure your company’s digital assets with website blocker.

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Attendance Reporting
Attendance Reporting - workTrak

Attendance Reporting

WorkTrak has attendance surveillance feature that records the clock in and clock out time of the staff. Identify the employees who are workaholic and lazy.

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On-Field Employee Tracking
On-field employee tracking - workTrak

On-Field Employee Tracking

The ON-Field employee who visits the clients can be also tracked down on the basis of geolocation of the system. Lead your team towards development with this GPS tracking feature.

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Encompassed work time tracking at a global level

Enhance employee’s productivity at a centric level

Help in strategic planning to edify teams ,terminate idle employees, and perceive the strengths of the employees.

Staff tracker empowers managers to retain and reward efficient employees.

Protect the company's vital data from Insider threats .

Succor managers to make key business decisions.


The initial monitoring software takes about 10 minutes in the cloud portal after which it takes less than 5 minutes per system.

Yes. We at WorkTrak can monitor user activity by listing the number of websites being used by your team and the duration. You can also view the detailed any time through the online cloud portal.

WorkTrak has this feature to keep a record of the websites and applications being used by your team while they are working. Managers can view these reports and use it for operational efficiencies and track productivity WorkTrak can also take screenshots of your employees' computers while they're active on their computers.

You can see the pricing on the pricing page. We are the most competitively priced resource tracking providers. You can google others too!

No. WorkTrak does not have a keylogger feature. Key logging is an offense and WorkTrak does not support that. Worktrak is employee monitoring software meant for legitimate tracking of the company resources used by the employees in the official hours.

Yes. WorkTrak relies on its algorithm for sensing keyboard activities to determine if the user is active or idle. It does a real time monitor and is accurate to upto ~10 seconds. By default a computer without any input for around 2 minutes is considered idle and will be reported so.

Yes. All communications to the server is secured by a 128 bit SSL encryption. The files on the server are encrypted too. The servers are located in Tier 1 secure enterprise data center facilities with 24/7 monitoring and hosting support which keeps the data safe.

Yes. WorkTrak can track employee activities even when the computer is not connected to the Internet. The data captured will be automatically uploaded to the server when the Internet connection is restored.

Absolutely. WorkTrak can be used to track employee activities in one single computer also.

Yes. It delivers both cloud and on-premise storage.
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