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Worktrak_On Cloud_Reports
Worktrak_On Cloud_Application and Website Reports

Application and Website Reports

WorkTrak will provide you with comprehensive
insights into website search details, including user,
department, site, category, and even date, time,
and day of access. It also tracks online search
history and files downloaded from the browser.

You can identify the top websites where employees
are spending the most time. It generates reports
on application and internet usage. It tracks the
time spent in each application and records
activities performed in specific applications,
regardless of active or idle time.

Worktrak_On Cloud_Screenshot Reports

Screenshot Reports

Worktrak takes automatic screenshots of team
members' computer screens at defined intervals.
This feature allows managers to observe what
programs and apps are being actively used by
their team members.

By monitoring these screenshots, managers can
gain insight into how exactly their team's time
and resources are being utilized. This information
can be valuable for assessing productivity and
making informed decisions regarding task
allocation and project management.

Worktrak_On Cloud_Active Idle Reports

Active Idle Reports

Time tracking with our solution includes real-time
monitoring and activity analytics reporting.
We offer organizations the tools they need to
refine employee performance by optimizing
time effectiveness and profitability.

Our automated detailed timesheets provide
insights into time spent on each project,
streamlining project management. Additionally,
our enhanced dashboard simplifies team
management, ensuring a seamless
experience for your organization.

Worktrak_On Cloud_Attendance Report

Attendance Report

The in-time/out-time is determined based on
when the computer is turned on and off. This
allows the manager to maintain a record of the
employee's attendance. The time-tracking
attendance surveillance will assist organizations
in determining the amount of time spent by
each employee.

Worktrak_On Cloud_Productivity Analytics Report

Productivity Analytics Report

WorkTrak empowers you to easily categorize
applications and websites as productive or unproductive
in alignment with your company's policies.
With a single click, you can effortlessly generate
comprehensive productivity analysis charts.

WorkTrak provides your organization with
straightforward and illuminating insights into
your employees' productivity levels, making it
simple to monitor and enhance workplace efficiency.

Worktrak_On Cloud_Blocking Website & Application

Blocking Website & Application

This powerful feature gives you complete control
over website and application access. Through our
cloud portal, you can easily add or remove websites
and applications to the block list, ensuring that
unauthorized content remains inaccessible.
If an end user attempts to open a blocked
website or application, it will be instantly closed.

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