WorkTrak On-Premise

Track your employee's productivity without internet/external connectivity

Manage Projects, assign tasks and get reports in a single click

Why WorkTrak On-premise?

If you want to have employee monitoring without using cloud technology, WorkTrak On-Premise is for you!

If your company prioritizes strict data compliance and demands complete isolation of production networks from external, unsecured networks like the internet, then the WorkTrak On-Premise solution is tailor-made for your needs. Our On-Premise solution ensures that your sensitive data remains secure within your own controlled environment.
The on-premise version of our software supports all the features which we offer in the cloud edition of WorkTrak. Our on-premise solution can be deployed quickly without major IT hardware infrastructure and intervention.

Worktrak_On Premises_Solution Architecture

Solution Architecture

WorkTrak's Client-Server mode ensures minimal bandwidth usage while offering these key advantages:

No external dependencies required for operation.
Built on the robust Microsoft .Net Platform.
Utilizes a highly scalable MongoDB database for the backend, ensuring efficient performance as your needs grow.

Perpetual Licensing

Secure your WorkTrak license for permanent ownership with these benefits:

A single server instance supports 1000 of nodes.
Enjoy a robust database with zero maintenance required.
Utilizes efficient, connection-oriented TCP communication for seamless operation.

Worktrak_On Premises_Application and CPU usage Report

Application and CPU usage Report

Effortlessly monitor your employees' application
and CPU usage with precision. WorkTrak accurately
calculates and visually presents details like time
spent on each application, providing
insightful data at a glance.

Select your team, choose the date range, and with
a simple click, instantly access an analytical
representation of application usage patterns.

Worktrak_On Premises_Websites usage tracking

Websites usage tracking

This report provides insight into your employees'
website usage patterns, making it particularly valuable
for analyzing the browsing behaviors of teams like
your digital assets team, among others. The process
remains straightforward: select the team, set the
date range, and with a simple click, receive an
instant analytical representation of website usage
patterns, promptly tailored to your needs.

Worktrak_On Premises_Active and idle time reporting

Active and idle time reporting

The WorkTrak On-Premise edition offers a valuable
feature that enables you to pinpoint your employees'
active and idle times by the hour of the day.
A quick review of this report equips you with insights
into the peak productivity hours and those
times when productivity tends to dip.

This feature proves exceptionally useful for making
strategic improvements in your workplace environment
and work style to enhance overall productivity.
Even a minor adjustment, like shifting break times
during periods of highest idle time, can have a
significant impact on boosting productivity.

Worktrak_On Premises_One click productivity analytics

One click productivity analytics

WorkTrak On-Premise offers a one-click productivity
analysis tool that precisely evaluates your team's
efficiency by tracking their usage of websites and
applications. By defining which software applications
and websites are productive, you can effortlessly
identify usage patterns and assess the overall efficiency
of your workforce.

Worktrak_On Premises_Attendance reporting

Attendance reporting

This option provides precise login and logout times
for each employee, accurate to the minute.
It proves invaluable for the human resource team,
simplifying payroll generation. When combined with
reports from your access control system, it offers
insights into employee entry and exit patterns.
Additionally, it provides a breakdown of attendance
data by teams, delivering a comprehensive
attendance overview.

Minimum system requirements

  • Windows 10 and above for WorkTrak server instance
  • Windows 7 32/64bit and above for client stations
  • 20 GB storage space can hold upto 6 months data of 1000 clients
  • .Net 4.5 and above for clients and .Net 4.6 for WorkTrak Server

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